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Are You Ready To Own Your Schedule And Be Available For Your Child When You Need To?

Are you sick of being afraid to request your boss for another day off, sneak out of the office for a couple of hours or need to leave early to take your child to therapy or attend a school meeting?

Feeling alone and nobody understands you?

Feel like you are trapped and there’s no way out of struggling between the demands of caring a special needs child and attending to a typical work schedule?

Deep down you know there’s got to be a better way.

  • You need and want to be there for your child as you know your child best.
  • People work at home and make money online.
  • You have the desire and motivation but don’t know how.

Don’t feel trapped anymore!  There’s a way to attend to your child when you need to, makes money and still feel challenged.

You just need someone who understands your struggles, been there and done that.

Someone who has successfully left the rigid work hours to own an online business shows you how you can also take charge of your hours and be there for your child when you need to.


You Don’t Have To Feel Alone Anymore!

I’m so glad that you found me.

Here I will share my journey and show you how to go from being employed to become a successful online entrepreneur.

I will share with you, my dear readers:

  • My struggles
  • How I transition from being employed to become an entrepreneur with a successful online business
  • Tips on how to get started
  • Resources I use to get me where I am

I will love to connect with you, working moms who have similar struggles and desires and empower you to take action and take charge of your destiny.

Finally, there is someone who understands, shares your pain and shows you how to get out of your dire situation.

It is possible to have both worlds.

Imagine you don’t have to answer to people when you need to take your child to therapy, attend school meetings and still feel challenged while making money.

You can do it too! 

Who Is Special Needs Working Mom?

Meeting Shirley Cheung…                                                                                                                           

Hi there! I had been struggling with attending to my son’s needs and having a professional career for over 10 years.

There were countless times I felt torn and guilty for not being able to support my son during critical times in his elementary school years.

There is virtually no part time or flexible work for a professional in the corporate world.

I persevered and was able to negotiate work arrangement to leave at 5 and finish up work at home with a management job of a large department.  However, it brought more stress than ever.

I have been learning making money online since 2009 and I finally started my online business in 2015.  I went through many courses, blogs, and podcasts until I finally found the most viable business model in 2015 – selling online via Amazon FBA.

Since 2016, I have left my corporate job and am able to focus on my son, challenge myself and make money.

I firmly believe there got to be a better way for working moms especially those with special needs.  I am passionate to share my experiences in the corporate world as well as an online entrepreneur in the hope of empowering moms like me to get out of the trap.

It doesn’t cost a lot to get started online.  It takes planning, motivation and someone who has gone before you to guide you.

I am the guide you need.

I can’t wait to connect and share with you and see you succeed! 

Fun Facts About Shirley

Some interesting things about Shirley…


I tend to be a bit shy with new acquaintances; however, I hope by sharing some fun facts about me, we can connect better.

  • I love to sing and dance – it makes me happy.
  • Although I love dogs, we only have cat in our house (our dear Katie left us last year =( )
  • Our tabby cat is our first “baby” before the kids and he rules our house.
  • I am a crafty DIY person and my daughter takes that from me.
  • My son is a self taught master artist.
  • My husband takes care of all the meals in our house and he is a great cook!
  • My ideal pass time is going on vacations with my family in sunny locations.
  • I get the best ideas and strategies when I take long hot showers!

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