Resources That I Can't Do Without

Tools Of The Trade

Shipping Scale

This is a must have whether you are doing RA, OA, Wholesale or even Private Label.  Make life easier as you need the weight of the box to create shipping label to send to Amazon warehouse.

Poly Bags

A beginner’s variety pack, indispensable when you first started with Retail or Online Arbitrage.

Label Printer

This chic little thermal printer makes it soooo easy to print just one label for your Amazon FBA item.  It is also very powerful to print all sorts of other labels and even stamps.

FBA Labels

This is the right size label ( 2 1/4″ x 1 1/4″) you need to print the FNSKU label for FBA.  No more wastage on the 3 columns Avery labels.

Packaging Tape

You need these handy dandy packaging tape to close the box and send it to FBA warehouse.

Must Have Apps and Subscriptions

Amazon Seller's App

FREE!!  Indispensable on the go: check sales, responder to customer emails, manage orders, scan product for Rank and Fees and more.  IOS, here it here, Android here.

Manage By Stats

Manage By Stats makes it so easy to understand where you are in your Amazon business at a glance using dashboard, graphs which can be viewed by marketplace, brand, product etc.  It takes PPC and sales tax, cost of goods into account to generate a profit view.  It is also packed with powerful tools such as Customer, Inventory management, customer email follow up, keywords ranking and more.


I have tried Aweber and MailChimp before but ConvertKit has been the easiest email marketing tool for me. There’s not complicated interface and the workflow is visual and yet it is so powerful.

Training and Education

My Silent Sales Machine

This is the book that get me on the road to making multiple stream income and using internet creatively to make a living.  Read it here.

Silent Sales Machine Podcast

Jim Cockrum no doubt is the guru of the internet especially in the area of making multiple income stream using the internet.  His podcast is filled with invaluable information, proven strategies and wisdom.  There are tons of free information on how to start making money selling online especially using Amazon.

GoDaddy Bookkeeping Tutorial

GoDaddy Bookkeeping makes automation possible with your Amazon business.  It directly connects to your Amazon seller account and other platform such as eBay, PayPal, eBay and your financial institution. It learns your income and expense categories and automatically organize them.  The Selling Family has a great tutorial on how to set it up for Amazon FBA business and I have been using it ever since.