Top 3 Resources For Selling on Amazon FBA

Once you have some basic knowledge of what Amazon FBA business is and you are ready for the next step to take control of your hours, I highly recommend having a course of action.

If you need to get some basic information, please read my Beginner’s Guide To Selling on Amazon FBA, where I walk you through why Amazon is and continue to be a very viable online business, different type of business models and why it is a great fit for a working parent especially a special needs working mom.

In this post, I am taking a different direction than my Beginner’s Guide.  If you already decided that Amazon FBA is something you want to pursue and has already played with the idea or free resources a bit, it is time to put together a plan and take action.

Based on my personal experience, unless you are a young adult, have a lot of free time or already are online business savvy, working on online business on your own can be very time consuming and can also have a lot of hits and misses.  It is definitely doable and there are tons of free resources out there.

However, if you want to have a course of action, a step by step approach, support from a community of experienced entrepreneurs to cut down on trial and error and achieving your goal sooner, joining a highly respected and trusted community as a resource is a no brainer.

I have personally signed up for a number of resources and actively participated in all of them.  Based on my experience, the 3 resources I’m recommending below are the best in yielding results and which one suits you the most depends on your personal style, schedule and the type of Amazon business model you want to pursue.

Amazon Boot Camp


If you have decided to do Retail and Online Arbitrage and are the kind of person who wants very personal interaction, then Amazon Boot Camp (ABC) is for you.  Jessica Larrew is the founder and creator of The Selling Family and Amazon Boot Camp. Jessica has been selling on Amazon for more than 7 years and has been very successful since the beginning. Her expertise is in the Retail Arbitrage and Online Arbitrage area.  In the first year of doing Amazon “full time” (left her regular job but working part time hours on Amazon business), she made six figures income already and was able to bring her husband home from a corporate job to work with her.

Jessica has a very laid back style and is very good at giving well thought out simple step by step video instructions.  As of this writing, she already helps 3,500 people build a profitable Amazon FBA business.

On top of the extensive experiences and creative approach to grow the Amazon business and her personal style of teaching, Jessica has a great community that supports all the members.

The Amazon Boot Camp has everything you need to get started:

  • Life time access to Amazon FBA course modules in high resolution video format
    • includes detailed easy to follow Amazon seller account set up, sourcing, inventory, listing, FAQ
  • Templates and checklists to keep you on track
  • Membership to seller community
  • Bonus section: discounts for software, free guides such as buy sales tax free, free labels for shipping boxes
  • Topics covered: Cost of doing Amazon business and Accounting for your business

Personally, if I didn’t start Amazon FBA the other way (will be discussed later), I would start RA/OA with Jessica first.  I have followed Jessica on other more advanced areas of the businesses and they are all terrific.  I love that she has a well thought out action plan and by following it you will have a good starting point at the end of the course to take on yourself.

As part of her community, Jessica periodically sends out new strategies, host webinars on topics that impact fellow sellers and students.

You can read more about Amazon Boot Camp and Jessica Larrew by clicking here.

Proven Amazon Course

If you are the kind of person that you want it all and already has a plan to branch out to all areas of Amazon FBA business, then the Proven Amazon Course is for you.

The Proven Amazon Course or PAC is packed full of great courses in all areas of Amazon FBA business and includes pertinent information about building a viable Amazon business.

Jim Cockrum is the founder and creator of PAC and best selling author of My Silent Sales Machine on multiple stream online income.  Jim has been selling online for 15 years, a proponent on making a living online creatively using the internet and has a 36,000 active followers on his free facebook community as of this writing.

What makes PAC stand out from other resources out there is that it covers all aspects of building an Amazon FBA business including accounting, business insurance etc. and Jim keeps updating the existing courses and adding relevant new materials to PAC.

In other words, PAC covers all grounds of Amazon FBA business including Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage, Wholesale, Private Labeling and even eBay and special niches such as Toys and Books.

The other powerful aspect of PAC is it is backed by a powerful 24/7 mentored community from around the world on facebook (MySilentTeam).  This group is free to join but since the group is visited by various level of like minded fellow entrepreneurs and monitored by experienced seller mentors, questions are responded to quickly.

The core of the PAC includes videos instruction on how to set up and start doing Amazon FBA and all the basics you need to start selling.  With this program you can start selling with $0 investment by selling free inventory you can get a hold of easily.

Once you build the confidence, there are tons of advance techniques and courses you can dive into (at least 50+ advance techniques).  Below are a few highlights. Each is a course on its own but was added to PAC after the initial launch.

  • Proven Performance Inventory – an advance technique to not guess what is selling on Amazon and find golden gaps to hot demand products with little competition
  • Proven Bundling Course – another advance technique to swat competition by creating high demand bundles
  • Proven Book Sourcing – selling books is a specialize niche in the realm of Amazon FBA business and considered low hanging fruit.  The course show you step by step what to look for, how to source, price and sell.

As you see, there are really tons of valuable and top of the line information bundled in PAC and always something for everyone no matter what level you are in, newbie or experienced.

Essentially, PAC is a lifetime access membership.  Members are notified for new courses or materials added periodically and are encouraged to attend their monthly live webinar on a hot topic or new strategy.  Click here to learn more about PAC.

Amazing Selling Machine

If you decided on private label or building your own brand and are the kind of person that is easily overwhelmed by the amount of information available and wants to be told when, where and how to do something like attending a class, then Amazing Selling Machine is for you.

Amazing Selling Machine or ASM is organized like a class in that all the lessons are organized under a module and “students” access to the same module at the same time when a new ASM is first launched.  This way, you have a definite schedule of taking the lessons and completing the assignments or action items.  To encourage participation and progress, a badge is given to your online profile when critical tasks or milestone is reached.

In addition to a systemic progression at the same time, there is also an active community staffed by experienced seller mentors to answer questions on a 24/7 schedule.  Fellow members interact here for questions and answers and encouragement.

Matt Clark and Jason Katzenbeck are the founders of ASM and and both are successful online entrepreneurs for years and truly believe in entrepreneurship and helping others.  To date, there are thousands of students that have gone through prior ASM courses and have built profitable businesses.

Similar to the other 2 courses I recommend above, there are step by step videos guiding you every step of the process.  Lessons include the initial basic of setting up Amazon seller account, sourcing product, negotiating to suppliers, importing, listing, launching, building a brand, marketing to automating business processes and expanding to other market place.

All the latest proven strategies that are used by the founders and highly successful ASMers are included in the course so you’re always on the cutting edge of doing Amazon business.  During the 8 week course, a weekly live coaching call (webinar) is held to answer any questions the students may have and provide encouragement to move forward.

At the end of the 8-week course, if you follow each module along, you will have at least one product under your very own brand live on Amazon and ready to selling.

As in the other 2 courses, membership to the ASM course is lifetime and you will continue to have access to the course, the community and any new and improved version of the ASM course.  Any latest news and strategy are continued to be shared via the community and email communication. Periodically, live webinar will be held to ASMers for new ground breaking strategy or news that affect the state of Amazon FBA business.  Click here to learn more about the ASM course.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the top 3 resources I recommend for learning Amazon FBA business the right away if you are ready to get dirty and pursue your dream of owning your hours.  The deciding factor as to which one is best for you will depend largely on your personality, available time and money in the given moment.

I personally started with ASM and have taken the PAC courses, so I know first hand how each course is conducted and have been successful.  As for ABC, since I have taken a few of Jessica’s courses and interacted with her directly, I know how good and personable she is and have been successful with those courses as well.  I know she takes good care of her students and shows them what it takes to succeed.

So my thoughts are as follows.

If you really want to get your feet wet and minimize as much risks as possible by doing Retail Arbitrage and Online Arbitrage, then Amazon Boot Camp is definitely the way to get started.  Click here to read more about Amazon Boot Camp.

If you are the type that you want to have everything you ever needed available right away, and you want a supportive, no fluff genuine community to go with it, then PAC is for you. Jim continues to innovate and keeps adding new courses 6 months after they are launched to PAC. Click here to learn more about PAC for yourself.

If you are the type who needs to be held accountable for, needs motivation and want to be a brand owner at the end of a course, then ASM is for you.

However, the caveat to ASM is that since it is conducted like a course at a school, it is only open to enrollment at a limited time. It happens that ASM has not opened for new enrollment for the past 18 months is now open for their 7th course – ASM.  Enrollment is open until April 28, 2017 and will be closed for good. If you are interested in ASM, I highly encourage you to watch their valued pack course preview videos, which by itself can help you start Amazon FBA if you’re that type of person.  Click here to see their product demo.

So, what type of person are you?  Are you ready to take some action and go down the road of owning your hours?  Be brave and click on some of the links above and learn more.

As always, please feel free to ask questions or comment below.  And don’t forget to subscribe to get notified of the next post.

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